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Ground investigation, laboratory testing and engineering consultancy for your construction project.

Cable Percussive

Cable percussion (shell and auger) is the most common drilling method used for geotechnical site or ground investigations in the UK. Depending on access limitations and favourable ground conditions boreholes up to 60m depth can be formed.

Rotary Drilling

Rotary drilling techniques are utilised where drilling into bedrock is required to check for shallow mine workings or to determine rock quality. All our drilling rigs can undertake rotary coring to recover rock core samples at various diameters. 

Window Sampling

On some sites, access is too restricted even for the mini rig. In this situation we can provide a hand-held window sampling system that enables samples to be recovered using the same tubes as the mini rig.

Soak Away Testing

Percolation Tests and Soakaway Tests determine whether the ground is suitable for soakaways or sceptic tanks. They are widely used to support planning and development applications, using a natural drainage system to store the immediate surface water run-off allowing natural dissipation and attenuation.

Dynamic Probing

Dynamic probing involves driving a steel cone vertically into the ground using a sliding hammer and recording the number of blows for each 100mm of penetration. The results obtained from the dynamic probe tests can be correlated to the standard penetration test (SPT).

Trial Pit Excavation

Trial pits are used to recover large bulk samples of soil or where thorough visual examination of the strata is required. The principal advantage of this method compared with light-cable percussion drilling or window sampling is the relative speed with which the work can be carried out. 

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